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In today's fast-paced technological landscape, precision timing is more crucial than ever. Enter the ClearClock® family of crystal oscillators, a game-changing lineup that caters to a diverse range of design needs. From networking to cloud computing, optical transceivers, and RF applications, ClearClock® offers cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the next generation of bandwidth requirements.

Performance options within the ClearClock® family support the demands of modern electronics, including serial data rates at and beyond 400Gbps. These compact devices boast industry-leading low power consumption and low jitter performance, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability in the most demanding applications.

Third Overtone XOs:

Abracon's third overtone ClearClock® AK2, AX3, AK5, AK7, AK2A, AK3A, AK2B, & AK3B series redefine energy efficiency in crystal oscillators. By avoiding PLL-based multiplication, these oscillators achieve exceptional rms jitter performance while minimizing overall power consumption. Compact in size, they're ideal for space-constrained designs like optical transceivers, delivering the precision required for reliable data transmission.

AEC-Q200 Qualified XOs:

In automotive applications, reliability is vital. Abracon's AEC-Q200 qualified AK2AAIG/AK3AAIG series offers ultra-low jitter in a compact 2.5mm x 2.0mm package, ensuring stable performance in temperature ranging from -40°C to +125°C. With an ultra-low RMS Jitter of just 64fs Typ (@ 156.25MHz), they provide precise and reliable data transmission critical for automotive systems.

Low Power HCSL XOs:

Precision timing meets energy efficiency in the AK2LP/AK3LP series of low jitter crystal oscillators with low power HCSL output. These compact solutions boast lower current consumption compared to traditional HCSL, granting seamless performance in critical timing applications. Built on 3rd overtone quartz crystal technology, they offer proven reliability and customizable Output Enable options for compatibility with diverse system architectures. These crystal oscillators come in a small package size (2.5 x 2.0 x 1.0 mm) with industry-standard frequencies between 100MHz and 156.25MHz.

Phase Locked Loop Based XOs:

For applications requiring superior rms jitter performance, the AX5 and AX7 devices offer unparalleled precision. Based on advanced PLL technology, these oscillators deliver rms jitter performance typically better than 150fs across a wide carrier frequency range. With an industry-leading upper frequency limit, they're perfect for applications demanding clocking references greater than 200MHz, all packaged in miniature sizes for versatility and ease of integration. With a wide frequency range from 50MHz to 2,100MHz, the AX5 and AX7 support LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL and CML output logic types.

The ClearClock® family represents a leap forward in precision timing solutions, offering unmatched performance and reliability across diverse applications. Explore the possibilities today and discover the future of precision timing with Abracon's ClearClock® family.

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