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Labelled as one of Abracon’s premium brands, Fox has been supporting timing technology for over four decades. This brand has introduced hundreds of innovative products to enhance quartz crystal and clock oscillator performance, precision, reliability, and stability. Acquired by Abracon in 2021, Fox ensures all aspects of timing are covered by supporting products like quartz crystals, SPXOs, and TCXOs. Utilizing Fox’s global supply chain flexibility, high-quality products, and industry expertise enables Abracon to grow their technical design support and tackle customers' unique challenges head-on. Below are some recent product introductions released by Fox!

Fox Clipped Sine Wave TCXOs

Among Fox's offerings are the FT1MN, FT2MN, and FT3MN temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) series. These oscillators come in various package sizes, stability options, and temperature ranges. What's more, their ability to support a tight stability as low as 0.5ppm makes them highly desired for applications needing extreme precision.

Industry-leading Automotive Grade Crystals

In the automotive sector, Fox's FC1BA, FC2BA, FC3BA, and FK13A crystals excel with efficient performance across wide operating temperature ranges, from -55°C to +125°C. They boast tight tolerances of up to ±10 PPM and stability of up to ±20 PPM, ensuring reliability under demanding conditions.

These crystals play a pivotal role in diverse applications, from enhancing in-cabin passenger comfort and entertainment features to supporting critical under-the-hood systems. Whether it's ensuring precise timing for electronic systems or maintaining stability in extreme environments, Fox's solutions are at the forefront of technological advancement.

With a legacy of innovation, a commitment to excellence, and the support of Abracon, Fox continues to redefine the boundaries of quartz crystal and clock oscillator technology, paving the way for a more reliable and efficient future across industries.

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