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Abracon is excited to announce the release of our guide to TLVR inductors, “TLVR Inductors: The Basics, and How They Improve Multiphase DC-DC Converters.” This article offers a deep dive into the fundamental principles of trans-inductor voltage regulator (TLVR) inductors and their crucial role in enhancing the performance of multiphase DC-DC converters.

Traditional DC-DC Converters and Their Drawbacks

We begin this new application note by going over conventional DC-DC converters and their disadvantages. Traditional multiphase DC-DC converters, while effective, often face challenges in responding swiftly to sudden changes in load. As demand surges, the control system must sequentially adjust each phase, leading to delays in meeting the new current requirements. The TLVR topology seeks to minimize these response times by optimizing how each phase is triggered, resulting in a faster, more efficient power delivery solution.

How TLVR Works

At the heart of TLVR designs lies the utilization of TLVR inductors, which resemble transformers, as output inductors for each phase. The magnetic coupling between the primary and secondary ensures not only one but all phases respond to the demand instantaneously. This unique configuration creates a synchronized response across all phases, minimizing the time needed to meet changing load demands.

Advantages of TLVR

By leveraging the collective response of all phases, TLVR achieves a significant reduction in peak-to-peak ripple current, resulting in improved efficiency, reliability, and thermal management. Furthermore, TLVR's can reduce the system cost by eliminating the count of output capacitors. While a bit more complex architecture, these benefits provide a great alternative to traditional multiphase designs.

Explore TLVR with Abracon

Abracon offers a comprehensive selection of TLVR inductors through its ATL family, ranging from a variety of sizes to high saturation current ratings. With support for custom TLVR solutions and a roadmap for future iterations of products, Abracon is committed to meeting the evolving needs of the industry and supporting the next generation of power delivery systems.

To read more about TLVRs and how they optimize DC-DC converters, refer to our full guide TLVR Inductors: The Basics, and How They Improve Multiphase DC-DC Converters.

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