Abracon | New Application Note: Supercapacitor Lifetime Explained

Abracon's brand new guide, Supercapacitor Lifetime Explained, provides practical insights into the factors affecting supercapacitor lifespan and how to maximize their performance.

What Variables Affect a Supercapacitor’s Lifespan?

The guide dives into the reasons behind supercapacitor degradation offering explanations on how to extend their operational lifespan and optimize reliability.

One of the key factors affecting supercapacitor lifespan is voltage stress. High voltage operation can accelerate degradation, leading to reduced performance and ultimately, failure. Temperature also plays a critical role, as excessive heat can degrade the supercapacitor's internal materials and electrolyte, impacting its overall lifespan.

By understanding these factors and implementing appropriate derating strategies, engineers can optimize supercapacitor performance and ensure prolonged operational reliability.

How Can You Calculate Supercapacitor Longevity?

This guide provides insights into effectively determining the operational lifespan of a supercapacitor. By considering factors such as temperature, voltage, and material coefficients, you can accurately calculate how long a supercapacitor will last in particular scenarios. Some variables are specific to the application, and collaborating with the manufacturer is necessary to fully characterize the supercapacitor's lifespan in a given context.

Maximizing Supercapacitor Performance

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of supercapacitor lifespan and degradation, engineers can implement proactive measures to extend the lifespan of supercapacitors in their applications. From voltage derating and thermal management to careful consideration of operating conditions and environmental factors, this guide offers actionable insights for maximizing supercapacitor performance and reliability.

Click here to access the new Supercapacitor Lifetime Explained application note.

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