Abracon | NEL Ultra Low Phase Noise O-CS8 Series
Understanding Phase Noise

Phase noise, or phase jitter, is generated in oscillators from random noise sources like thermal noise, shot noise, and flicker noise. Phase noise is measured in –dBc/Hz @offset frequency. It represents the noise power relative to the carrier at specific offsets from the carrier.

While avoiding phase noise is key, eliminating it all together is impossible. It’s important to understand that any system will always have some kind of noise. This phase noise will reduce the signal quality and increase error rates in communications, so achieving the lowest amount of noise is paramount in any design requiring accurate communications capabilities.

The O-CS8: A Trailblazer in Phase Noise Performance

The NEL O-CS8 is making waves by delivering exceptional phase noise performance, all packed within a compact 21 x 14mm SMD package. This advanced oscillator distinguishes itself with a remarkable achievement of -10 dBc/Hz improvement in close-in phase noise, resulting in an impressive -105 dBc/Hz @ 10 Hz. When compared with similar devices from other OCXO manufacturers, it stands out with a notable -15 dBc/Hz enhancement, attaining an impressive -180 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz at the noise floor.

These O-CS8 OCXOs, short for oven controlled crystal oscillators, find relevance across various markets, including radar, instrumentation, test & measurement, data communications, and more. With three phase noise options available, these OCXOs are readily accessible through channel partners.

The O-CS8 OCXOs are now in stock with distributors! To locate stock, please access our inventory search tool. NEL Frequency Controls is powered by Abracon.

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