Abracon | Mini Molded Inductors: Great Performance in a Compact Design

Traditionally, designers and engineers faced the dilemma of prioritizing either performance or size when deciding between electronic components for their projects. With the industry's continuous evolution and technological progress, there is an unprecedented demand for smaller package-sized components. In response to this demand and without compromising performance, we are excited to introduce a new addition to our Power and Magnetics portfolio: the AOTA mini molded inductor series.

Small Size, Big Performance

The new AOTA series mini molded inductors boast a sub-3 mm package size, with some as small as 1.4x1.2 mm. Despite their compact size, retains all the advantages of traditional molded inductors, such as superior EMI shielding, high power density, and low core losses. They proficiently mitigate unwanted EMI, handle substantial power loads, and present minimal core losses. This ensures heightened signal integrity, space efficiency, and improved energy efficiency in electronic circuits.

With DC resistances as low as 8mΩ and current handling capabilities from 1A to 14.5A, the mini molded inductors prove to be robust components suitable for a diverse range of power conversion circuits. The compact size of these inductors is particularly advantageous for high-power density designs, providing flexibility in space-constrained environments. The combination of size and performance make the AOTA mini molded inductors a great choice for applications demanding reliability, efficiency, and high power density.

Check out our new video on the AOTA mini molded inductors or read more about them on our website.

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