Abracon | Introducing Abracon's Ultra-Low Phase Noise O-CS41 Series…

The O-CS41 series, an industry-leading Ultra-low phase noise OCXO from NEL is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern applications. These OCXOs deliver exceptional stability, precision, and performance in a compact surface mount package.

O-CS41 by the Numbers

The key specifications of the O-CS41 series include a frequency of 10MHz, operating within a temperature range of -10°C to 75°C. With a stability of ±1.0ppb, these OCXOs ensure precise timing in various conditions. Additionally, they boast ultra-low phase noise levels, reaching as low as -119dBc/Hz at a 1Hz offset and -172dBc/Hz at a 100kHz offset. Featuring a G-Sensitivity of ±1.0ppb/G, these OCXOs maintain accuracy even in dynamic environments.

The features of the O-CS41 series include versatile output options with either Sine Wave or HCMOS/TTL Output, catering to diverse application requirements. Utilizing SC cut crystal technology ensures enhanced performance and stability, while the availability of both 5V or 12V supply voltage options offers flexibility for seamless integration into various systems. With low ageing characteristics, these OCXOs guarantee long-term reliability and consistent performance. Moreover, the series offers an Ultra Low Phase Noise Option, providing an additional level of precision ideal for applications demanding ultra-low noise levels.

Applications and Uses

The O-CS41 series finds diverse applications across various industries. It is particularly suited for instrumentation systems, where precise timing is essential for optimal performance. In radar systems, these OCXOs ensure accurate synchronization, enhancing overall radar performance. Furthermore, in GPS receivers and reference clocks, the series provides stable timing signals, contributing to accurate location determination and navigation.

Learn more about the NEL O-CS41 Series OCXOs by clicking here.

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