Abracon | AR50LC Embedded Rubidium Oscillator: Low Phase Noise, High…

Abracon's new AR50LC embedded Rubidium Oscillator offers cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance in a compact and cost-effective package. In today's fast-paced technological landscape, precision and reliability are paramount, especially in critical sectors like telecommunications infrastructure, GPS systems, and test and measurement equipment. Our AR50LC embedded Rubidium Oscillator emerges as a competitive solution, offering innovative technology with exceptional performance in a compact and cost-effective package.

Designed to meet diverse application demands, the AR50LC sets a new standard for stability, accuracy, and efficiency. With ultra-tight frequency tolerance of 0.05 ppb and temperature stability of 0.5 ppb over the operating temperature range, this oscillator ensures precision timing crucial for mission-critical operations. Additionally, its exceptional short-term stability and quick warm-up time guarantee reliable operation even in dynamic environments. The AR50LC provides versatility with options for sinewave or CMOS output, catering to various system requirements. Its supply voltage range, 5V or 12V-18V, accommodates diverse power setups, enhancing compatibility across applications. Despite its advanced features, the AR50LC maintains a compact footprint, making it suitable for space-constrained installations without compromising performance.

Across industries, the AR50LC finds indispensable applications, ensuring seamless communication networks, uninterrupted broadcasting services, enhanced GPS system performance, accurate measurements in test and measurement equipment, optimized wireless communication networks, and precise data acquisition in mining and seismic research.

The Abracon AR50LC embedded Rubidium Oscillator sets the standard for precision timing in critical applications. Click here to learn more.

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