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Abracon introduces the Power Inductor Performance Analyzer™ (PIPA), a specialized tool developed to assist designers and engineers in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the performance of Abracon power inductors. Powered by Abracon parametrics, the design tool offers a user-friendly interface with a large display of inductors and specifications that can be sorted numerically or alphabetically. It features the ability to filter by common inductor specifications such as inductance, current rating, DCR, and dimensions. Users can also toggle between automotive ratings, shielding types, material compositions, and more.

This online tool covers a broad range of part numbers and provides users with Thermal Response Graphs and Current Saturation Graphs, allowing for a graphical representation of changes in temperature and inductance at increasing current levels. The Thermal Response (Irms) graph illustrates an inductor's thermal reaction to applied current, crucial for understanding thermal losses or dissipation in power supply designs. 

The Current Saturation (Isat) graph depicts inductance reaction to applied current, a vital metric for evaluating the performance of an inductor in providing steady and reliable power supply.

The browser-based tool allows users to compare the performance of different inductors by showcasing the effects of materials and constructions. For example, a comparison between two molded inductors of the same size and inductance reveals how different magnetic composites can impact inductance under applied current. Additionally, the tool highlights the influence of internal construction on performance by comparing different molded inductor package sizes. This comparison emphasizes the trade-offs between size, performance, and internal resistance.

This tool on Abracon’s website empowers designers with valuable data, enabling informed decisions and fostering collaboration between Abracon and its users, with the promise of more exciting developments and insights to come. Abracon's engineering and customer service teams are also available to provide product recommendations based on factors like price, performance, and size.

Follow this link to access the Power Inductor Performance™ Analyzer Online Reference Tool: https://abracon.com/power-inductor-performance-analyzer

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