Abracon | Abracon & u-blox® - Unlocking Next-Level Navigation

We’re excited to team up with u-blox® to offer a collaboration that promises to usher in a new era of navigation accuracy. Alongside u-blox®, a pioneer in high-precision GNSS receiver technology, Abracon introduces the powerful combination of the u-blox® ZED-F9P™ module and the Abracon APXG6016GH full-band, multi-constellation active GNSS antenna.

This innovative pairing offers centimeter-level accuracy, poised to revolutionize industries such as precision agriculture, mobile robotics, and beyond. Our APXG6016GH antenna is designed with a robust pre-filtered LNA, ensuring strong anti-interference performance even in challenging environments. Supporting multi-frequency reception, including L1, L2, L5, and L-band correction services, this antenna guarantees robust signal reception and enhanced accuracy.

The u-blox® ZED-F9P™ module, recognized for its superior GNSS positioning capabilities, complements the Abracon high-precision GNSS antenna perfectly. With its precise and reliable performance across various applications, the APXG6016GH antenna unlocks its full potential when paired with the u-blox® ZED-F9P™ module, providing users access to highly accurate positioning data crucial for demanding navigation tasks.

Moreover, the Abracon APXG6016GH antenna boasts tightly grouped phase center variation with advanced multi-feeding technology, ensuring consistent performance across diverse scenarios. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for portability and UAV applications, offering users flexibility and ease of integration.

With this collaboration, Abracon and u-blox® are not just offering products; we’re providing solutions that redefine navigation accuracy. Whether it's optimizing crop management in precision agriculture or enhancing the efficiency of autonomous systems in mobile robotics, the possibilities are endless.

For more information on this collaborative effort, click here.

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