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Introducing Abracon's AMSLA-Q stacked inductors - the ideal solution for high-power applications within the Automotive industry. The AMSLA-Q series features a parallel magnetic core and clip wire construction. These inductors are designed to support higher rated currents with low inductances. This makes these inductors a smart choice for high-power and high-switching frequency applications.

The industry continues to push to lower switching frequencies which this type utilizes. This type of inductor is primarily dominant in the networking market however we decided to release a small set to the automotive market for early adoption.


  • 7.0 x 7.0 mm Package Size
  • Stacked / Assembly Construction
  • AEC-Q200
  • 0.72-0.150uH Inductance Range
  • -40 ~ +125˚C Operating Temperature Range
  • Low DCR
  • Ferrite Core


High Power

Great cost to performance ratio

Automotive Qualified

Low Inductance for high switching frequency

Compact Power Support


Series Inductance (nH) DCR (mΩ) Saturation Current (A) Temp Rise Current (A) Operating Temp Dimensions (mm) Inventory
AMSLA-Q7050 75-150 .35 30-58 45 -40˚C~+125˚C 7.0x7.0x5.0 Check Inventory

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