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Abracon supports a wide variety of applications: IoT, wearables, industrial, transportation, networking, test & measurement.


Automotive applications require the combination of excellent durability, quality and delivery. Abracon offers crystal, MEMS and inductor solutions that are optimized for automotive applications and fully-certified on IATF 16949 production lines. Optimized for non-safety applications, these devices offer wide temperature ranges and extreme durability.

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IoT & Wearables

Abracon offers the complete solution for key passive components requirements including the lowest power real time clocks, compact high efficiency antennas, low power IoT optimized crystals, compact power inductors for high efficiency power supplies and wireless charging coils.

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Getting to the next level of data rate is non-trivial and requires advanced, efficient and precision components. Today's high performance and networking equipment is pushing serial data rates between 32Gbps and 56Gbps and beyond. Extreme stability OCXOs, ultra-low jitter oscillators, high efficiency power inductors and accurate real time clocks enable more advanced designs that achieve the next level of performance.

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IATF 16949, AEC-Q200 and PPAP ready!

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IoT & Wearables

The Heartbeat of the IoT™

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Precision solutions driving high bandwidth

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Connected Lighting

Connectivity, timing and power solutions for advanced lighting.

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Smart Meter

Save power, increase efficiency, reduce downtime.

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Video/Set Top Box

Connect, synchronize and power video applications.


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