Abracon offers in-system tuning services for patch and chip antennas. By characterizing the antenna performance in the end system or product, this service takes the guess work out of RF verification while offering corrective measures that re-tune the system for center frequency and impedance mismatch. This provides maximum system efficiency delivering many benefits including, extended RF range, improved sensitivity and can reduce the required power consumption for a given level of transmit range.

This service is offered for the APAE and APA series of passive patch antennas covering a variety of RF bands from 800MHz to 6000MHz including applications such as RFID, GPS/GNSS, WiFi, ISM radios, and Iridium. In most cases, tuning is required after the patch antenna is mounted in the end-application, especially if the antenna operating bandwidth is narrow. Passive patch antennas should be tuned to the ground plane to which they are mounted. This compensates for the frequency shifts occurring due to the particular device environment in which the antenna is placed. There are several methods to tune the patch antenna such as moving the feed point, changing the shape of the top silver electrode, and removing the corners or sides of the top silver plate.

This service also applies to the ACAG, ACAJ, ACAR and AMCA series of chip antennas. For chip antennas, the efficiency of the antenna depends mainly on the size and shape of the ground plane to which it is mounted as well the impedance matching of the antenna to the feed line. The antenna has to be tuned to center resonant frequency by matching the impedance to the antenna using inductors and capacitors. Higher efficiency guarantees more radiated power and increased operating range for the antennas.

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