Abracon | ABM11-0022-T3 39MHz Crystal Oscillator for High-Frequency…


The ABM11-0022-T3 is a custom 39MHz ceramic base SMD quartz crystal that has 8ppm frequency tolerance and 13ppm frequency stability. It's designed for an operating temperature range of -40 ~ +95°C and a load capacitance of 10pF. This crystal is suitable for applications in many market verticals but is ideal for IoT/IIoT.

Key Benefits

  • Part of a reference design for Silabs EFR32 Wireless Gecko Series 2


Operating Temp Range: -40 ~ +95°C

Frequency Tolerance @ +25°C: 8 ppm

Frequency Stability over the Operating Temp (ref. to 25°C): 13 ppm


Internet of Things ( IoT)

Medical Devices

Industrial Control & Automation

Wireless collar

Glucose Monitor

LED Lighting


Part Number Type Package Size Frequency Frequency Tolerance Frequency Stability Operating Temperature Inventory
ABM11-0022-T3 MHz XTAL 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.55mm 39 MHz ±8 ppm ±13 ppm -40 ~ +95°C Check Inventory

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